• Name: Combination Spanner Flat Type
  • Number: LY027P


Material High quality carbon steel Finish Full Polish and Chrome Plating
Size 27MM-85MM Item LY027P
Remark Different size are available. Logo: Customer
Product Description
Made of high quality carbon steel, this ratcheting combo wrench set allows a generous  5 degree turning  radius on the ratchet end for working in tight areas. The wrench set comes with a custom storage case to keep your wrenches organized and quickly accessible in any home garage or professional shop.
• High quality carbon steel
• Full Polish and Chrome Plating
• Standard Panel
• Heat Treat
• 12 tooth ratcheting structure


Carton Size
LY027P 27MM 30 17/16  38x23x12
LY030P 30MM 30 17/16 41x24x13
LY032P 32MM 30 23/22 42x29x12
LY034P 34MM 30 27/26 46x27x13
LY036P 36MM 20 21/20 46x19x13
LY038P 38MM 20 23/22 48x20x14
LY041P 41MM 20 26/25 52x19x15
LY042P 42MM 16 25/24 52x18x16
LY044P 44MM 16 26/25 54x20x16
LY046P 46MM 12 21/20 56x16x17
LY048P 48MM 12 22/21 58x16x18
LY050P 50MM 12 26/25 61x16x18
LY055P 55MM 10 25/24 63x14x20
LY060P 60MM 6 23/22 67x21x13
LY065P 65MM 6 25/24 69x21x14
LY070P 70MM 4 24/23 78x23x15
LY075P 75MM 4 24/23 78x23x15
LY080P 80MM 3 25/24 86x21x17
LY085P 85MM 3 25/24 91x21x17

ADD:No.3, Xinda Road, High-tech Industrial Park, Longkou City, Shandong Province


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