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        • Name: Wind Turbines Bearing Steel Ball
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        GCr15 Bearing steel;AISI52100 Bearing steel;     SUJ-2Bearing steel; 100Cr6Bearing steel

        Hardness HRC 62-65
        Diameter 0.5mm-50.8mm Levels G5-G100
        Remark Different size,color,shape are available. Logo Customed
        Product Description

        Steel ball bearing used in wind power windmill,yow,wind power generator is analyzed ,studying bearing code method adopted in JB/T10471-2004 rotary bearing code method,but the double row four-point contact ball type wheel bearing code has not stipulated in the JB/T10471-2004.


        •Heat Treated

        •Drop Forged

        •Meet ISO,DIN and GB Standard


        The main purpose

        Steel ball bearing is the most important part of, also is the rolling element bearing industry to use the most. Its purpose is to reduce the friction between outer and inner ring ,reduce shaft and bearing damage.

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