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        Longkou Newstar Tools Co., Ltd.

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        Longkou Newstar Tools Co., Ltd,establish in 1952,lies in the Hi-Tec new development zone of Longkou city in Shandong Province .It is endowed with convenient transportation ,which is near to Freeway 264 and Highway Wuwei ,only 200 kilometers away from Qingdao port in the south ,and 100 kilometers from Yantai airport in the east.

        Longkou Newstar Tools Co.Ltd has devoted to designing and manufacturing hand tools for more than 60years.As a leading and professional company in hand tools,it has developed and expand very rapidly since the reform of joint-stock system in 1994.Consisted of enterprise products,steel balls of bearing, Longkou Newstar Tools Co.Ltd is a group that now mainly manufacture cross rim wrench,L-Type wrench,pipe wrench,combination spanner,adjustable wrench,steel ball,aluminum products and plastic products etc.It has passed ISO9000 certification in 2002,and then ISO14000 Environmental Management System Certification and ISO18000 Healthy System Certification in 2008.The cross rim wrench and L-Type wrench produced by our company were rated as “ Top Ten Brand” among Chinese wrenches in 2005. The registered trademark “NEWSAINT”(新圣) was rated as “FAMOUS BRAND” in Shandong, With independent import & export right from 1994, Longkou Newstar Tools Co.Ltd has sold its products well in more than 100 countries and regions of Europe ,America ,South-East,Asia ,Middle-East etc.. enjoying a very good reputation in international market .At present,we have supplied automobile hand tools for many world-renowned automobile manyfacturers including Mercedes-Benz & BMW and so on .

        Longkou Newstar Tools Co.Ltd welcomes customers and friends both at home and abroad here for the business cooperation on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.Let’s work together to promote the economic prosperity of the word.

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