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        The new retail era: how the hardware company shoud go?

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        With the progress of the times, the Internet has penetrated every industry, hardware industry as a traditional industry is struggling in the market and facing restructuring. Post-80 and post-90 began to occupy the main body of society.They like to using the network to see the community. They represent our online marketing road is still full of vitality. Although the future electricity supplier will be replaced by new retail, but now the network is still huge, hardware companies in addition to do a good job under the line, do a good job on the line is also very necessary.

        In order to make the effect of 1+1>2 in the network marketing, It is must be the combination of online and offline. Decomposition to see, online sales, we may encounter some product advantages and disadvantages, logistics, after-sales and other issues, and the line we may feel that the hardware is time-consuming and high prices. However, when we combine the two, not only convenient for enterprises in a short time and low cost to expand the channels and markets, also provides consumers with cheaper products. It is more choice and more convenient way of shopping on both sides. Therefore, in the new era of retail, online and offline complement each other and indispensable. If the hardware tools companies want to do a good job marketing,they  must meet the laws of social development, the comparative advantage of the two to play to the extreme, to gain a foothold in the new era.

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