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The product development department of the company, which is made up of more than 40 people, is responsible for improvement of old products and development of new products, obtaining multiple national patents. In 2008, the technical center of the enterprise was rated as a "Municipal Enterprise Technical Center in Yantai".

Utility Model Patent

Open-type perforating L-type socket wrench

Patent No.: ZL00 2 J5328.9

A horizontal forging machine clamping structure

Patent No.: ZL2005 2 0084184.0

Special tool for socket wrench turning

Patent No.: ZL2006 2 0082917.1

Small wheel wrench with design patent

Patent No.: ZL033128456

Our company’s new product development process is as follows: The customer provides samples or drawings. First, the technical department of our company decomposes the product and works drawings; next, the chemical analysis department analyzes the composition of raw materials of the product; then, the technical department calculates price based on the composition of raw materials and designs mould. After the price is confirmed by the customer, the technical division dispatches people to make mould and sample in workshops and submits them to the customer for confirmation.



ADD:No.3, Xinda Road, High-tech Industrial Park, Longkou City, Shandong Province


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