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 Without any seeking and imitation, Newstar culture formed in its own way. Newstar culture is the common sense of value of all the staffs.

 Newstar tools:
With united and excellent hard work of all the staffs, Newstar will become a modern enterprise with modern, high-quality enterprise engaged in science, industry and trade.

 Five promotions:
1, We promote hi-taste thought, culture, excellent culture of Chinese, western innovation, Japanese team spirit to form our unique culture;
2, We promote being an excellent creature before doing business;
3, We promote good working style and thought;
4, We promote contribution of Lei Feng Style;
5, We promote those people with true ability not diploma.

  Xinda Principle:
First-class talents,First-class products,First-class enterprise.

  Xinda Style:
Independence, practice, progress, innovation

  Five pointviews:
Efficiency, information, clients paramount, modern enterprise, quality.

 Five senses:
Market sense, quality sense, safety sense, duty sense, dedication sense.

ADD:No.3, Xinda Road, High-tech Industrial Park, Longkou City, Shandong Province


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